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Support Services for Your Family

Ultimately, everything we do is designed to serve at-risk families and children. Foster and adoptive parents play a crucial role in this task. They are a catalyst in our mission and a valuable part of the treatment team. We treat our families like the true agents of change they are and provide them with the tools and support necessary to make a difference.

Comprehensive Trauma Informed Training

As a foster and/or adoptive parent, you are there to help heal and minimize the long-term effects of adverse childhood experiences such as child abuse and neglect. This powerful training program empowers you to properly manage children’s behavior. Many parents say this helps in fostering greater understanding of trauma informed care and child traumatic stress. After this training, you will understand the effects that trauma can have on child development, behaviors, and functioning, as well as recognize, prevent and work towards self care.

24 hr Support Team & Crisis Intervention

Parents have around-the-clock access to our highly qualified treatment team. We are available to counsel you on daily issues in working with the children and we can be called into action for more serious issues. Our support team is always a phone call away and eager to serve you.

Financial Reimbursement

We believe that great responsibility comes with authority and UNIFY strives diligently to be a good steward of resources. Therefore, we ensure every family is reimburse the cost of everyday care for children placed in their home.

Medical, Dental & Mental Health Services

In addition to the per diem reimbursement, foster parents are free from worrying about healthcare services, medications, therapy and counseling. Children are covered by healthcare through Department of Health and Human Services, Star Health Network.